Gísli Valdórsson

Account Manager

Gisli Valdorsson is an account manager at KOM PR. Valdorsson graduated with a B.A. degree in political science from the University of Iceland. From 2008 he worked as a journalist and a column writer at Iceland’s premier business publication, Vidskiptabladid (Icelandic Financial News) where his main topics were politics, business, aviation and tourism. Valdorsson was the Political Adviser to the Minister of Interior during the years of 2013-14 and worked as a Sales Manager at Luxury travel company from the years of 2015-2017. Gisli is also the editor in chief of Thjodmal Magazine. 

Valdorsson was on the board and executive board of the Union of Young Independents, including the role of international representative and cashier. He has also served as a campaign consultant and electoral officer for various politicians, established organizations and planned events. Valdorsson was also a board member of the charity organization Samhjálp from 2011 to 2015